There are two types of demons. One type is the type you would automatically think of- Lucifer and his minion. Lucifer and his minions are known as Demons. The second type is just the opposite- Nomadic Demons. Enjoy learning the difference between the two- if you haven't already got it.

Demons Edit

Want to go and see what Lucifer is like? Yes, he is evil. Yes, he is conniving and manipulative. Yes, he is the prince of darkness, Lucifer. Who is there to serve Lucifer? His Minions. They will do everything he saws, no matter what it is.

Nomadic Demons Edit

Though there are demons that break from Lucifer's hold. To break from Lucifer's hold takes a lot of power, strength, and will. Once they are free, they run. Lucifer does not like it when his minions break free of his grasp. So far there has been 6 demons that have broken free. Only 3 of them have survived the wars they have faced. Enjoy meeting the nomadic demons that escaped the prince of darkness.