Guardian Angels protect humans from vampires, demons, shape shifters, witches, and other supernatural creatures. They won't attack anyone without a really good reason. Though they are angels, they have human emotions, life styles (sort of), and more. The one thing they don't share with humans or any other paranormal creatures. The tiny little partner- their fairy. Their fairy helps them control the ability, emotions, and more. Below you can meet the members, their fairies, and learn about the powers of each angel.

Guardian Angels Edit

Angels can be born or created. Though they can only be created by one person, their leader. Their leader is the strongest, and oldest angel. Each angel has their own ability- different from the next. Their ability is related to the angels color. Enjoy meeting every single angel.

Guardian Angels Fairies Edit

A Guardian Angel wouldn't be complete without their fairy. A Guardian Angel's fairy helps them. With emotions, their ability, and more. The fairies also act as companions, talking to the angel when they need company. An angel and its fairy are both blooded together. What happens to the angel can happen to the fairy. Enjoy meeting the fairies.

Guardian Angels Abilities Edit

Every single Guardian Angel has their own ability. Their ability is tied to their fairy and their color. Not a single Guardian Angel has the same ability. With over 20 members, that is a lot of powers. Enjoy learning them.