In this world there is more then vampires, werewolves, guardian angels, and humans. There is also fairies, witches, shape shifters, and hybrids. Learn each one of them, and meet the characters to go with them.

Fairies Edit

These fairies are not the fairies that are with the Guardian Angels. These Fairies are human sized fairies. They have their own magic. Fairies are rare, really rare. There isn't many of them left. In order to keep themselves going, they try to stay out of the way of paranormal creatures. Enjoy meeting the last few that are still alive today.

Witches Edit

Yes, these are the witches that cast spells. A famous one is Skylar. Though since she is married to a vampire, and lived him for a long period of time. She has become like them. Though there are others. Like Fairies, they are rare and hard to come by. Most of them are hybrids these days. Enjoy meeting the few remaining witches.

Shape Shifters Edit

There is more then werewolves. Though werewolves are more popular then any other type of shape shifter. Many other shape shifters are hybrids. Shape shifters include cats (all kinds), birds, and more. Shape shifters tend to drift away from vampires, and lean into towards angels and witches. Ironic but true, shape shifters and vampires tend to have trouble around each other. Well the older ones do. Enjoy meeting the scarcely numbered shape shifters that survive to this day.

Hybrids Edit

The result of the struggling races to survive. Witches, angels, fairies, shape shifters, and even vampires. Many hybrids among Carlislese's time are her friends. Hybrids are rare during Charlie's time. Though most of them appear during Carlislese's time. Note: Hybrids tend to take after their father's more then their mothers. Though some hybrids will take after their mothers. Example of this is Thor and Thorne. Enjoy meeting the hybrids.