All over the world there are vampires. Together the vampires make up families, also known as Covens. The Covens are named after objects of where they live. For instance The Forest Coven lives in the United States of America, and The Dragon Coven lives in China. At present there are over 7 Covens in existence. Enjoy learning about the Covens, and their members.

Forest Coven Edit

The Forest Coven once lived in the United States of America. The Coven had 13 members when it existed. Sadly the Forest Coven is no longer living. 2 of the Forest Coven members are still alive- Kyp and Thor. Everyone else has passed on. Enjoy learning about the members- alive and dead.

Thunder Coven Edit

The Thunder Coven currently in Africa. The Thunder Coven has 6 members, and is considered to be one the oldest most ancient coven next to the Lyore.

Heat Coven Edit

The Heat Coven is the vampire coven that currently resides in Brazil. This coven has 5 members. All of which are well experienced fighters. This is not a coven you want to mess with.

Dragon Coven Edit

The Dragon Coven is the coven that resides in China. The Dragon Coven currently has 3 members. This coven is actually rather friendly. Though don't let their kindness fool you, they are smarter then they appear.

Blue Coven Edit

The Blue Coven currently resides in Greenland. This Coven currently has 5 members. Don't confuse them with the Dragon Coven. Where the Dragon Coven is friendly, the Blue Coven is peaceful and gentle. The Blue Coven does not like to fight, though they will if they must. This is a Coven to have at your side.

Rice Coven Edit

The Rice Coven resides in Japan. The Rice Coven has 3 Members currently. This coven is extremely loyal to the Lyore. Though they are loyal, they prefer to be alone.

Sand Coven Edit

The Sand Coven currently lives in Russia. This coven has 6 members. Well had 6 members. Three of the coven members passed on, and three live of them live to this day. The Sand Coven is not a friendly coven. They are warriors and ready to kill- any time, any place, or any reason. They are not enemy you want.