Residing in Latina, Italy there is a powerful, rich, vampire family. They are known as The Lyore. The Lyore is in charge of the vampires all over the world. From the Covens to the Nomads, even the vampire hybrids. Learn the members of the Lyore. Plus learn their rules, history, and more. Enjoy.

Lyore Members Edit

The Lyore was created thousands of years ago. It is only natural much for them to have members come and go. The Lyore has three leaders, guards, and ladies-in-waiting. The Lyore leaders include the oldest (or strongest) vampires, their mates, and their offspring (or successor). The Lyore guards are exactly what their title says. Guards for the Lyore leaders, and extended company or family. The Lyore ladies-in-waiting are servants that tend to the Lyore leaders' needs. Though the Ladies-in-waiting will defend their leaders much like the guards. Enjoy learning the Lyore members and their positions.

Lyore Law Edit

The Lyore has laws. Currently there are only 10. These laws are put in place to keep vampires a secret. Plus the laws help keep vampire under control. If the Lyore didn't make any laws, there would be a large amount of new born children, dead humans, and misused powers. Thankfully, the laws help keep everything in check.

Lyore Abilities Edit

Vampires have abilities. They can range from simple abilities like telekinesis to complicated abilities like Yin and Yang. Not all vampires have powers, though a lot of them do. The older a vampire gets, the stronger their ability becomes. Which means that the Lyore leaders are powerful and strong. Though one person will trump all vampires when it comes to their abilities- Carlislese.