Currently there are two werewolf packs in existence. One pack is from Charlie's story. This is the pack from Michigan and is known as the Rock Valley Pack. The other pack is from Scotland, just outside of Edinburgh. The Scottish pack is from Carlislese's story. Enjoy meeting both packs, and their members.

Rock Valley Pack Edit

The Rock Valley pack lives in Rock Valley, Michigan. They are led by Anakin Salo. Anakin and Charlie have some history- best friends. Charlie isn't the only one that history with this pack. Carlislese also has history with this pack. Currently her surviving siblings live Anakin. Speaking of Anakin, Carlislese and Anakin a mixed up history. The drama in the pack doesn't stop there, it starts there. Enjoy meeting the members of the pack, and the drama that goes with them.

Scotland Pack Edit

The Scotland Pack comes in during Carlislese's story. A member of the pack is Carlislese's best friend, and is always with her. Unlike the Rock Valley Pack, the Scotland Pack is a lot more laid back. Only two members of this pack cause drama. Though with 10 members, and growing, those two barely make a dent. Enjoy meeting the pack, and enjoy their drama free pack.